ChemNutra Says FDA Had Fish Feed Info For Weeks

ChemNutra says information on their co-brokered deal for fish feed ingredient was in FDA’s hands in mid-April. Spokesperson Steve Stern also stated that the search of ChemNutra by federal officials announced 10 days ago should have turned up these details.

ChemNutra did receive a fee for introducing the customer to Suzhou Textiles Silk Light & Industrial Products for “a modest fee.” The products were imported through another company, whose name he declined to disclose.

NOTE: Prior to the recall, ChemNutra did not test imports but relied on import certificates. Stern says that all imports are being tested now.

14 Responses to “ChemNutra Says FDA Had Fish Feed Info For Weeks”

  1. straybaby says:

    and there’s a bridge for sale in Brooklyn . . . .

  2. menusux says:

    Amazing how quickly the mouthpiece springs into action after apparently doing a little reading. :-)

    Can he ’splain to everyone why his clients didn’t know wheat flour from wheat gluten?

  3. Deb G. says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how this just keeps making my head explode…where’s the duct tape, I think I used it all. Why can’t anyone give a straight story. AND how is it, it’s ok to eat the pork and chicken but they seem to be flipping out over the fish??? It’s made the news tonight more than most of what has recently happened. So, does this mean the fish eat only the food that is tainted whereas the chickens and pigs eat other things too? If you feed pellets, like I’m sure most chicken farms should, wouldn’t the chickens be as much of a problem as the fish? We eat alot more chicken, I’m sure, than fish. So what’s the difference? I read in one of the comments of the other article that someone knows a Walmart employee who said their pulling some of the fish? When will we finally know the whole story. Probably never. Then there always the issue of genenically modifided corn and other products we don’t even know the half of and how it’s effecting us and our pets. I feel the head about to blow…excuse me I have to go buy more duct tape……..

  4. Pet Connection Blog » Pet-food recall: ‘Because it’s complicated’ edition and open thread says:

    […] 2: From Ben at, the news that the FDA has known about the contaminated fish feed for weeks: ChemNutra says […]

  5. CathyA says:

    …….he tests food now…….

    They’re still in business?

  6. menusux says:

    Look at what’s new at the ChemNutra website since the “fish story” broke:

    Jonathan Bernstein
    Phone: (626) 825-3838

    Bernstein Crisis Management LLC

    Crisis Response. Prevention, Planning & Training

    Definition of a Crisis: Any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property, seriously interrupt business, damage reputation, and/or negatively impact share value.


    Bernstein Crisis Management LLC is a national consultancy providing 24/7 access to its president, Jonathan Bernstein, and a network of carefully screened and highly experienced crisis management experts who are on call nationwide. Bernstein Crisis Management engages in the full spectrum of crisis management services: crisis prevention, response, planning, training and simulations. The business was created and has been operated since January 1994 on the premise that its clients’ executive leadership wants direct assistance from senior-level crisis management professionals.

    Simply put, Jonathan Bernstein or — if he’s already 100% engaged, one of his skilled alternates — is right there, at the side of the CEO or the designated client contact, to help the organization survive any breaking crisis and/or to plan for avoiding future crises.

    Bernstein Crisis Management serves clients that may suffer or are suffering threats to people or property, reputation damage, business interruption and/or loss of share value. While response to breaking crises constitutes a significant portion of the consultancy’s business, its services are also in high demand to help clients avoid and/or minimize the impact of future crises. The Bernstein Crisis Management approach to crisis prevention focuses on making clients not merely prepared, but actually resistant to the prospect and effect of crises.

    Headquartered in Southern California, Bernstein Crisis Management regularly serves clients from coast to coast, with some engagements internationally. The Internet and modern telecommunications technology make it very easy to service most client needs remotely, with in-person visits being largely reserved for strategy and training-related meetings. Jonathan Bernstein and his allied consultants have a great deal of experience in Internet-centered crisis management.

    “I understand the role of the Internet in crisis management. I have been using the Internet for crisis prevention and management for more than 25 years, since before the modern World Wide Web was created. ”

    Looks like Miller & Stern had to send for more troops.

    If Stern sent Itchmo e-mail re: not testing products after receiving shipment before the pet food crisis, it would appear that CN directly admitted neglect there, as opposed to what we were able to infer with the Congression Testimony & FDA findings re: it all being melamine-tainted wheat flour, not wheat gluten or RCP.

    I see nothing on any of the CN & CN-connected websites which states that CN did NOT test food prior to the crisis but does now.

    I imagine both past and present clients of theirs were pleased to learn that testing is NOW being done.

  7. straybaby says:

    “a network of carefully screened and highly experienced crisis management experts who are on call nationwide.”

    WTF?! I thought CN was just an innocent victim . . . .

    this would be truely hysterical if it wasn’t so tragic . . .

  8. Nina says:

    I like this part:

    “….ChemNutra did receive a fee for introducing the customer to Suzhou Textiles Silk Light & Industrial Products…”

    This kind of “back-end” fee is not uncommon in business dealings in Asia.
    In the 12 years I’ve done business in China, our company was asked to do this all the time (BTW we never accepted since it was against internal policy). Most honest companies don’t do it anymore, but clearly ChemNutra is not one of them…

  9. Kathy Thompson says:

    Excuse me, didn’t WE already know about the fish food?

  10. Sharon says:

    People in China have been arrested. When is the US going to arrest those involved in this? I want to see the Chem Nutra people and the Willber Ellis people go to jail and I want them to be fed a diet of pork, chicken, and fish laced with melamine.

  11. Donna says:

    Ok, I can understand the corruption in “one hand washes another” in business. We all learned that in Wall Street!

    BUT, what I cannot understand, MR. STERN, is your lack of right and wrong - your conscience and your business ethics - when you blatantly turned your back on QUALITY CONTROL and, thus, the PEOPLE of AMERICA.

    You see, Mr. Stern, I am of the ilk that I would love to see you submit to a lie detector test. Why? Because I cannot fully understand how a business man of your stature is NOT AWARE of the products he is purchasing, or why the company HE RUNS is NOT taking RANDOM SAMPLES of the products purchased and running them through QC BEFORE SHIPMENT, AND THUS, PRIOR TO PRODUCTION. This, of course, is a STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, or commonly referred to in the trade as, SOP.

    Nor, am I fully convinced you did not know the nature of your other BUSINESS ASSOCIATES in China. In the US, doing business with vendors merits a Dunn & Bradstreet report, commonly referred to as “D&B”. Did you check any business reports/references in China? Because you see, I am really curious as to how you really met the corporate heads or businesses, and why you choose them as YOUR vendor(s). How did this business triangle really form Mr. Stern, which produced this horrendous and devastating wheat gluten debacle that is infiltrating every lifestream?

    Please, just the facts, Mr. Stern, because up till now, you have been mighty SKETCHY.

    Yes, these are my queries and my opinions, and ones which will probably never be answered at least by MR. STERN.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Did ChemNutra do any due diligence and run a trade audit on their supplier?

    Both name of supplier

    “Suzhou Textiles Silk Light & Industrial Products ”

    and information from Ernst& Young would indicate that this is a chemical/industrail supplier, NOT a food product supplier?

  13. sandi says:

    Is the fish used in dog and cat foods??

  14. Maureen says:

    menusux Says:
    May 8th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    “Look at what’s new at the ChemNutra website since the “fish story” broke:
    Bernstein Crisis Management LLC”

    That makes two PR firms that Stephen Miller/ChemNutra has hired to manage this crisis for him. From everything I’ve read about Mr. Miller (Ch. 7 personal bankruptcy in 2001), he’s not a big enough player to afford the lawyers and PR specialists he now has on board. Was he a front for Chinese export business interests? (And he sure looked the other way when he transacted importing supposed “wheat gluten” which came from a Chinese textile company and then sold it as a food ingredient? Who is really paying his legal and PR fees?

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